“Dolev is diligent, serious and consistent and does his job thoroughly. I was happy to guide and work with Dolev and I am convinced that he will be an asset to every institution and organization to which he will arrive” View Azi’s recommendation

Prof. Azi Lev-On. Head, Institute for the study of New Media,Politics and Society. School of Communication, Ariel University, Israel

“As a lecturer at the Ariel university, School of Communications, I found in Dolev the ability to listen and internalize learning content, implementation that is learned and the ability to project it on other fields of study. Dolev has qualities that I believe will lead him to success, such as high motivation, curiosity, talent and perseverance. He lives and breathes interaction with both students and lecturers and is always ready for cooperation. In conversations with him, I felt the hunger for learning and the strong desire to progress. Highly recommend!”

Dr. Tamar Lahav РHead of School of Communications, Ariel University.
Dr. nili steinfeld recommendation

“Dolev is an autodidact with impressive learning skills, a high work ethic and systemic vision. His abilities to successfully integrate into organizations – both in terms of teamwork, both professionally and in terms of ability To understand the various needs of the organization – assure me that his contribution to the organization and the role will be positive and significant.”

Dr. Nili Steinfeld – Head of the New Media Track, School of
Communication, Ariel University.