Diplomat store eCommerce website

Diplomat store is online store addressing diffrent diplomatic staff from all over the world located in Israel. The Diplomat store is responsive E-commerce site, with wide range of features. Watch my Invision prototype simulate home, category, product, wishList and cart pages.
Diplomat Store-Home page - desktop

Home page

Since Diplomat is a commerce site, marketing thought in the design process has accompanied me all along. I took popular products with low prices and showed them at front. In order to increase sales, it is important to set the promotions at the top so that all customers will be exposed to them. In addition, I also recommended to highlight the customers club to increase the number of subscribers. To influence customers to join, it was important to attach the benefit to the offer.

diplomat store mobile version home page
diplomat store mobile version product page

Product page

Sometimes the product pages contain relatively long texts because the main purpose of this page is to provide detailed information about the product. The rationale for this is the goal of narrowing the gap between what the customer thinks he is ordering and what he actually receives, thereby to strength his purchasing decision. So how can you present a lot of information in a pleasant way without creating a visual load? To do this I organized the information in tabs. They display different content, but yet from the same subject.