Creating digital. Effective, Precise & Smart.

My name is Dolev Even Haim and I specialize in UX UI design for web and applications, 360 advertising along with data analysis. The advantage I bring with me to work is broad and solid knowledge, since the professional knowledge I acquire comes from a variety of sources (academia, experience and professional training, such as Google digital marketing, Google Analytics and AdWords Fundamentals).

My Digital – Professional life began when I studied Interactive design at Ariel University Center of Samaria for a Practical Engineers degree. There I learned about designing and developing digital products for a screen environment. I acquired tools for characterization processes and user experience that is usable and useful, fun and accessible. After completing my studies, I worked as a web and print designer at the “Hatan Kala” portal. My main job was to design and programming sites for the company’s customers.

UX 0
UI 0
Digital Marketing 0
Analytics 0
Front end coding 0

Full stack marketer

UX UI, Digital Marketing, Analytics & Front end devlopment

Later I moved to Mc web solutions, an Internet company that specializes in eCommerce sites, complex with deep logic and a variety of user scenarios. As part of my job, I take care of the design and user experience. In addition, I run the digital marketing channel by entering and optimizing content, creating PPC campaigns, Email marketing and analysis of Google Analytics data. When needed I also write the client code using HTML, CSS and JS.

Along with my work at Mc web solutions, I started my BA studies at the School of Communications, specializing in digital media, at Ariel University. In my studies I learned how to conduct statistical, quantitative and qualitative statistical research. I have further deepened my knowledge in UX Strategy and UI design for digital projects. I’ve learned more on Internet marketing techniques and how to use tools in order to create marketing campaigns – 360, creating engagement in the Web 2.0 era.

I was exposed to advanced methods of marketing in the Big Data era, based on developing a customer base and increasing customer value by getting to know customers and directing accurate marketing efforts according to needs and desires.

Strives for excellence

I always do my best and it is important for me to be excellent. During the Design studies I received a honor of excellence and became a practitioner for first year students. In the second year of Communication studies, my grade average was 90 and the third year was 93. I also received a grade of 97 in the final theoretical research thesis, and in the practical finishing project I received a grade of 94.

Honor Degree
Google certification
Lynda certification